Maurizio Guarini is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and software developer. Born in Rome, Italy in 1955, Maurizio started playing keyboards and guitar at the age of 10. He created his first band when he was 12 and started playing at high school concerts. His music exploration started with rock and then moved on to progressive / jazz-rock.
After graduating from high school in 1973, he attended the Math faculty at the University La Sapienza in Rome.
During those years he mainly hung out with Italian jazz/Rock musicians, performing live in Clubs in Rome.
Maurizio joined Goblin in spring 1975. The bandís major hit "Profondo Rosso" reached the top of the charts for a few months, and the band toured Italy for the following couple of years.
Maurizio left Goblin at the end of the recording of the "Suspiria" soundtrack, in November 1976, eventually re-joining, with a renewed line-up, in late 1978. He participated in the production of the band until 1983, including "Volo" (the only Goblin Pop detour experience) and several soundtracks, including "Buio Omega"' "Contamination", "Patrick", "St.Helene's" and "Notturno".
Over the same period Maurizio performed as keyboard player and contributed to several soundtracks - mainly horror and thriller - including Lucio Fulci's movies The Beyond, City of Living Dead, Zombi 2 and others, among the most popular cult movies in this genre made around 1979 - 1981. Until 1990 Maurizio kept working as a performer and composer/arranger with the major artists on the scene, both in studio production and live concerts. In parallel with music activity, during the early eighties, Maurizio became interested in software development and in 1983 he realized the first midi card for Apple II ever made, named YUK. For a few years Maurizio used this software in studio, live and commercial recordings. It was used at that time in studio recording by several musicians and bands, including Mahavishnu Orchestra. Software development involvement grew over the years, and expanded to non-music related applications. In the early nineties Maurizio earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.
In late 1998 Maurizio moved from Rome to Toronto, Canada with his wife, Cinzia Cavalieri, whom he met during the recording of Volo in 1982.
In 2003 Maurizio was contacted by Goblin bandmates with the idea to restart the Goblin adventure. As a result a reborn Goblin, named BackToTheGoblin, ended up releasing the album BackToTheGoblin 2005, released in February 2006.
In 2007 Maurizio wanted to start playing live again, and founded a trio with two Canadian musicians. The trio, initially called Goblinia, performed live (mostly Goblin tunes revisited in a more experimental perspective), then evolved into Orco Muto, and expanded its repertoire by adding some original compositions. Orco Muto is mainly a live band, and performs mostly in prog/horror events and festivals in North America.
In the meantime the reunited Goblin decided to start playing live again, and after a period of rehearsal the band put together a new show and did an European tour in 2009. The band split again in December 2009, and just three months later Maurizio and Massimo invited Claudio Simonetti, original founder of the band, to re-join. In late 2010 Goblin started touring again with this new line up. New Goblin has been touring the world with great success, especially in Northern Europe, Japan and Australia. Two live albums have been released since, one recorded live in Rome and one double DVD recorded in Tokyo, both in 2011. In 2012 Maurizio wrote a score for Tophet Quorum, an episode of the movie "The Profane Exhibit". In the meantime, while still touring with New Goblin, Maurizio has focused on his first solo album, "Creatures from a Drawer", a collection of tunes he composed over the years. Part of the album is totally electronic, part has been performed with the collaboration of Canadian musicians. The album was released in January 2013, and is available to buy online at
Live performancesy kept being the main activity in 2013-2014, with Goblin back in Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and doing the first North American Tour ever, with 45 concerts between US and Canada. At the end of 2013 Goblin line-up changed again, with Claudio leaving an Fabio and Agostino back in the band. Maurizio started researching and experimenting a protocol to interact in virtual worlds like second life playing virtual instruments created by the fantasy through real midi instruments. A preview was presented on an installation in Meaford, Ontario, in Summer 2014.
Second part of 2014 was focused on the production of the new Goblin album, Four of a Kind, released in 2015.
Development of virtual world contents, involving VR as well continued in 2015, mostly focused on music. Maurizio worked on the production and the release of Goblin Album Austinato, a live performance recorded during the third leg of US tour. In 2015 Maurizio traveled participating as guest to several horror / film conventions in North America, including the San Diego Comic Con in July.
In 2016 Maurizio started a new live project, called "Maurizio Guarini Circle". The main goal of the "MG circle" is playing live with a variable groups o musicians, time by time having other musicians as guests. The first live appearance was in April in Toronto, as opening act for the prog rock band Magma, followed by other shows in the Summer. In the meantime Maurizio compose the soundtrack for a spoken word rendition of the novel "The Raven", by Edgar Allan Poe, released on Vinyl. This was followed by another soundtrack, for "The Yellow Sign", by Richard Chambers, that Maurizio composed later in 2016 and will be released in early 2017.
2017 will be focused on production of revieved old stuff and live activity, both as solo and as part of Goblin, that will start again some live activity in 2017. The new solo project, still under the name "MG Circle" will be something innovative and unexpected, but Maurizio prefers to keep it secret up to the last minute.
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